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How to solve the traffic jam in Ho Chi Minh City?



We shall take a look at the past and we will see the difference between the past and the present!

Nowadays, our country becomes more developing, the number of vehicles on the streets is increasing rapidly. All of them are means of transportation and it is the cause of many problems for people who live in big cities. So what are the reasons that cause traffic jams in our cities?
Recently, most streets are narrow, dirty, in bad conditions and are being fixed. Nevertheless, traffic light systems do not work well.
As we can see that the ADT (Average daily traffic) is getting higher, most people do not follow the direction signs. Many pedestrians cross over streets whenever, wherever they like although on every road there are pedestrian bridges or zebra-lines to cross.
Disobeying the laws when using vehicles will cause many damages to yourself and the others, not just that, people also drop rubbish in the middle of the streets, which adds to the risk of accidents. Traffic-jams wastes gallons of fuel which makes the environment more polluted due to the exhaust fumes from the vehicles.
Besides that, money must be used correctly in order to upgrade the infrastructure. Checking the roads and bridges once every 3 months is compulsory, so that there will be less accidents.
Stricter traffic-laws should be promulgated to prevent and reduce traffic jams and accidents.
If you don’t want to be the victims of the traffic accidents, please follow the signs and rules, let your families, your teachers teach you with traffic regulations, it helps you to know and respect the laws, and you must always ensure that your vehicles including yourself are in good condition.
In my opinions, the ways to improve the traffic systems or prevent traffic problems is that the government should increase the size of police forces, especially the traffic warden’s forces. I myself can’t do much to improve anything, but I realized that protecting me from accidents is also protecting people around me.
No one wants to be permanently disabled so you should be circumspect when operating the vehicles.



By Nguyen Tran Ngoc Diep – 11B16 (2010-2011)








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